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We are the Corporate Venturing entity of GCO (Grupo Catalana Occidente). Our goal is to support innovative initiatives so they can embark on their journey towards success.
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Our Journey

We've set out on this adventure with the goal of backing entrepreneurs and finding a space where ideas can transform into prosperous businesses. Here's our approach to steering projects:
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    Venture Capital

    We finance and advise early-stage startups to help them grow
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    Venture Builder

    We create, launch, and scale new startups that onboard external entrepreneurial talent
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    Investment in VC Funds

    We invest in other venture capital funds aligned with our strategy
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Discover GCO Ventures Innovative Journey!

We are the Corporate Venturing entity of Grupo Catalana Occidente. We have just embarked on our journey with the goal of identifying, building, and launching new companies. Through this blog, you can share with us the exciting adventure we are embarking on, from the inception of disruptive ideas to the launch of startups that aim to go far.
GCO Ventures Team


Our crew is made of passionate professionals with broad experience in entrepreneurship, venture building, and investment. Get to know us!

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